The Slippers - Snowy Bluffs Slipper Co.
The Slippers
The Slippers
The Slippers
The Slippers - Snowy Bluffs Slipper Co.
The Slippers - Snowy Bluffs Slipper Co.
The Slippers - Snowy Bluffs Slipper Co.
The Slippers
The Slippers

The Slippers

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Plush 100% sheepskin uppers paired with tough and durable sheepskin outsoles means when your kid puts these on, not only will their feet be oh so cozy, but they’ll automatically have the nicest slippers in the room! We’re looking at you grown-up, did you run a marathon in those things?

These slippers have been a part of our kid journey since day 1; we're glad you're joining us.

So throw them in the suitcase for a trip or throw them on before breakfast. No matter the destination, enjoy how you get there.

What’s your Snowy Bluff?


Made especially for your kid in Montana.

When placing an order, a good measurement of your kid's foot is a great place to start. Please click here for how we suggest measuring you child's foot to ensure you order the right size!

Our slippers always start off tighter than they will end up. This is because we use premium wool in each and every slipper. As your kid wears their slippers, the wool will shape to their feet, creating the perfect fit especially for them.

So, in the beginning you may hear your kid say, "These are tight." If that happens, encourage them to wear them and by the end of a few days the slippers will fit great.

If something happens where the slippers you ordered do not fit, we are happy to exchange the unworn slippers for a new pair. Reach out to us for a return label.

In the case of returns, we'd love to first help find a solution that allows us to provide a great fitting slipper for your kid, but understand sometimes that isn't the right solution. We're happy to help you with your return.

Whatever the situation, we will work to make sure you feel taken care of.

100% American sheepskin is the perfect slipper material; breathable, antimicrobial (keep the stink away!), and downright cozy. In the words of the original 3 year old tester, "like walking on a cloud."

Sheepskin is a natural product so please note each slipper might have slight aesthetic variation.

Please only spot clean with a mild soap and warm water using a washcloth. Do not put into the washing machine or dryer. This causes sheepskin to dry out and will effect longevity.

The Snow's Real!

Made in Montana

Pass Them Down!

We Resole

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American Sheep

Keeping it (relatively) local.

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