A New Kind of Adventure

To us, Snowy Bluffs represent more than just the beautiful wintery overlooks that surround our home. Sure, the snow blanketing the town for as far as you can see is pretty amazing, but we're focused more on the journey.

How exactly did we get here?

Well, while we only live 3 miles away from the snowy bluffs, it somehow took us ALL DAY to get here. And when we finally did get here, we stayed just long enough to get a picture before someone shouted "Dad it's cold, let's go!"

Why do we do it?

Simple : it's for the kids.

Snowy Bluffs was created because of the kids. 

After Zach's second son was born, he left work to become a stay at home dad. He figured he'd have time to sew. Haha, good one. Now a few years later and here we are.

It may have taken a bit longer to get here but it was worth it.

It always is.

What's your Snowy Bluff?